How To Replace A Garbage Disposal With Regular Pipes

If you have a defective garbage disposal, and don't want ot replace it, you can change back to regular piping. Leaving the system as it is creates a foul odor. A novice should be able to replace the garbage disposal with regular piping. Here are tips to replace a garbage disposal with regular piping. Prepare to Work For this project, you need: work gloves old rags or towels buckets flashlight plumbers putty Phillips screwdriver flat-blade screwdriver putty knife or razor blade wrench hacksaw sink strainer T-fitting (optional) S-trap sink tail piece regular pipes Shut off water to the sink. [Read More]

How To Stop Your Tree From Growing Taller

When you plant a tree originally, you probably want it to grow as fast as possible. However, after it has grown for a couple of years, you may find that it is growing too much. There might be power lines that are in the way. Luckily, there are ways to correct this problem. Trees Control Their Own Growth Trees have the ability to slow their own growth. When a tree has reached a certain height, the circulatory system slows down the flow of nutrients up the tree. [Read More]

3 Tips For Replacing The Windows In Old Homes

There are plenty of benefits to purchasing an old home. Older homes are often located in mature and established neighborhoods. The craftsmanship and architecture is also unlike anything available in most new homes. There are also some drawbacks. Older homes may require more maintenance and renovation than newer homes. Replacing the windows is a common renovation project in old homes mainly because old windows are rarely energy efficient. However, it's important not to let efficiency goals lead to windows that do not fit with the style of the home. [Read More]

Taking A Look At The Good, The Bad, And The Bonuses Of Fiberglass Septic Tanks

Years ago, the only choice you would have for a new septic tank during replacement would've been a steel tank version, but sewage and septic processes have evolved greatly over the years, and there are now many choices. Perhaps one of the more modern choices, however, is a fiberglass septic tank. Fiberglass septic tanks, much like any other type, have their pros and cons, so it is important to get to know them before opting for this particular type. [Read More]