Noises You Shouldn't Hear Your Furnace Make

A furnace is a noisy household appliance. It doesn't take long for a homeowner or renter to become accustomed to the unique sounds his or her furnace makes every time it kicks on or shuts off. In fact, the rumble your furnace makes give you peace of mind in knowing the furnace is working and your home will be toasty warm all day and night. A problem arises when you hear your furnace booming, screeching, or crashing. [Read More]

How To Replace A Pop-Up Tub Drain

If your tub with a pop-up drain doesn't hold water or leaks, it is time to replace the pop-up drain. The tub pop-up drain consists of two parts: a stopper with a rocker lever reaching back to the drain and an overflow assembly, a handle with a spring-like end that raises and lowers a rod. The parts wear over time with much use, causing leaks and clogging that waste water. Here are some tips to replace a pop-up tub drain. [Read More]

Four Reasons To Consider Portable Air Conditioners

The winter months are the perfect time to start shopping for your air conditioning services for next year. After all, it gives you the time to consider your options carefully before the weather warms up. If you've been thinking about adding air conditioning to your home, but it wasn't built to accommodate central air, you might want to think about portable air conditioning units. Here's a look at a few reasons to consider portable air conditioners. [Read More]

Three Ways To Stop Furnace Sounds Originating In The Ducts

If your furnace has started to make more or louder sounds than usual, you may end up needing to call in a technician for repairs. But before you do that, you should try to identify the new sound you're hearing and figure out if there's a way you can alleviate the problem yourself. Listen carefully to the sound to figure out where it's coming from. If the sound is coming from the motor itself, you'll probably need a technician, but if it's a problem with the ducts, there may be something you can do. [Read More]