Types Of Air Conditioners, Their Advantages, Common Problems And Maintenance

Air conditioners make it possible for us to stay indoors comfortably especially during hot seasons. They are especially handy when going to cool off at the beach is not an option and you have to stay in office all day long. Most people however forget about servicing their air conditioners and only remember they exists when they breaks down. Air conditioner service is crucial as it increases the life span of the AC and saves you money in the long run. [Read More]

Top 5 Myths About Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are beautiful alternatives to the traditional plain counters. They are one of the most popular types of counters, and are a popular choice for kitchen remodels. Because of their popularity, misinformation about these types of counters exists. Here are the top 5 myths about granite counters: 1. Granite is scratch proof. Granite is an excellent material for resisting scratches, but it's not completely scratch resistant. It is true that granite is the second hardest material after diamond. [Read More]

Tips For Growing And Training Fruit Trees In Containers

There are many different fruit trees you can grow in containers on your deck or patio, so you can enjoy fresh fruit, even when you don't have space for a home orchard. Trees grown in containers have similar needs of trees grown in the ground, like pollination, trimming, water and other care, to thrive in their environment.  Choosing Fruit Trees and Pollinators If you choose to grow fruit trees in containers, you need to know if it needs a second tree for proper pollination. [Read More]