Having Trenching Done Before Adding A Fence To Your Property

Installing a new fence will be a surprisingly complicated and involved process. One of the first steps in the process of installing a fence may be digging a trench.

What Is The Purpose Of Creating A Trench For A Fence?    

The trench will serve to anchor the fence so that it will be able to remain in place for years. Additionally, there are some types of fencing that will require fairly large foundations. For example, fences that are being built using masonry can be a perfect example of this. Without a suitable foundation, the masonry may not be stable enough to be able to withstand the test of time. The depth of the trench will be determined by the type of fence that is being built as well as the stability of the soil.

Are There Long-Term Effects Of The Trenching Process?

A homeowner will often take great pride in the appearance and quality of their landscaping. This can lead to them assuming that having trenching done will always result in the landscaping suffering permanent impacts. In reality, landscaping should experience minimal impacts from the trenching work. This is due to the ability of the trenching equipment to be precise when excavating the soil. One of the main concerns with the trenching work will be destabilizing loose or otherwise erosion-prone soil. However, there is a relatively easy solution to this issue as you will be able to utilize a variety of soil stabilizing strategies to minimize erosion following the trenching work. Grouting can be an effective solution for those that have extremely unstable soil. Conversely, homeowners that only need an erosion control solution until grass can fill in the ground near the new fence, erosion netting can be an excellent option. It will be able to limit the amount of erosion that occurs while still allowing grass to starting growing.

Will Concrete Be Poured All Along The Trench?

Once the trench has been dug, it will likely be lined with a layer of concrete along the bottom. This concrete will be able to hold any fence posts in place or it can serve as a foundation for the masonry fences. If you are opting for a fence that utilizes a series of posts, the concrete base may be limited to where the posts are going to be placed. Alternately, if the fence is made of masonry, the layer of concrete will need to extend along the entire length of the trench.

To learn more, contact a local trenching company.