Being Forced To Move The Truck You Use For Your Landscaping Business? Here Are 3 Reasons To Park It At A Contractor Storage Yard

Have you been parking the truck and trailer you use for your landscaping business in your driveway, but now have the city or the homeowner's association forcing you to move it? Removing commercial vehicles from residential areas is becoming increasingly common. In many cases, these regulations are designed to prevent semitrucks from parking in common areas—landscaping contractors simply get caught up in the fine print.

Regardless of the reason why you're being forced to move your landscaping equipment, your best option is to store it in a contractor storage yard. Purchasing your own building in a commercial zone simply so you can park your truck and store your equipment there is cost-prohibitive. Plus, landscaping contractors rarely need their own offices—working out of a truck or fielding calls at home is sufficient.

Contractor storage yards are inexpensive and provide the perfect place to store your truck, trailer, and landscaping equipment. Additionally, storing your work-related equipment in a contractor storage yard brings you a number of other benefits as well. Read on for the top three.

1. Increased Security

When you store your landscaping equipment at home, including your truck and trailer, there's always a risk that it may be stolen or vandalized. A trailer full of landscaping equipment might be a temptation to burglars casing the neighborhood.

Storing your equipment at a contractor storage yard, on the other hand, is a much safer option. The only people who can access the yard are other contractors—they aren't going to risk their reputations by damaging or stealing your equipment. Most storage yards also offer gated access with large walls around the yard itself, preventing anyone with ill intent from getting in.

2. Ability to Network With Other Contractors

At the start of the workday, other contractors will drive to the storage yard and begin loading their trucks. This presents a great networking opportunity for you. If you're friendly with the other contractors using the storage yard and they remember your name and your landscaping company, you'll be the first person that they refer people to when their clients ask them about a reliable landscaping company in the area. Boosting the number of referrals you receive will boost your revenue along with it.

3. Fewer Work-Related Items Cluttering Your Home

Finally, it's going to feel great to rid your home of all your work-related equipment. Contractor storage yards are more than places to keep your work truck—you can store all of your landscaping-related equipment there. As your landscaping company grows, you can even use the space to store heavy equipment that your company may acquire such as skid steers.

While moving your truck and your equipment to a new location may seem like a hassle, it's actually an opportunity for your landscaping business when you move your equipment to a contractor storage yard. Your equipment will be much safer, you'll be able to boost your referrals by networking with other contractors, and you'll free up space in your home. Estimate how much space you'll need to store your equipment, and then call a local contractor storage yard for a price quote.