Six Factors That Are Going To Affect The Costs Of A Dredging Project

It's important to get a careful estimate of the costs of a construction site dredging project in advance in order to stay within your budget. There are numerous factors that affect the cost of a project that you'll want to factor into the equation.

The following are six factors that are going to affect the costs of a dredging project:

The costs of equipment transportation

Dredging operations require the use of heavy equipment such as dredges and barges. This equipment will need to be transported to the work site in order for dredging work to begin.

Transportation costs can be one of the most significant costs of a dredging operation, so it's important that you're aware of them when planning out your project. 

The depth of the sediment

The deeper the sediment that needs to be dredged out is, the more effort it's going to take to complete the dredging project. You need to evaluate the material face thickness to help calculate how much your dredging work will cost.

The type of sediment that is being dredged out

Certain sediment types are more difficult to dredge out than others. If you're dredging out a material that's on the heavier side, more energy and effort will need to be exerted to dredge the sediment hydraulically. You'll need to invest in equipment with higher horsepower to get the work done. 

The costs of acquiring any necessary permits

Dredging projects will typically require the acquisition of a permit. You need to look into permit demands. Acquiring a permit can take time and money, so it's important to factor this step of the process into your planning. 

The costs of engineering for the project

Engineering costs can be one of the dredging project expenses that are most difficult to calculate. This is because unexpected issues can come up after dredging work has already begun that add to engineering costs.

While engineering cost estimates are going to be rough, it's important to make them because they can make up a significant portion of the total costs of your project. 

The costs of disposing of waste

Dredging projects will produce waste that will need to be disposed of. Disposal of waste is often handled using a settling basin. Another option is a dewatering pad.

It's important to keep in mind the fact that processing and disposal costs will usually be higher if you're working with muck or clay sediment as opposed to water mixed with sand or gravel sediment.