Giving Your New Business A New Face: Commercial Remodeling

With the real estate market running hot, many businesses are looking to put a new face on older commercial properties. When you're looking to give a commercial building a facelift, it's critical to make sure that your remodeling dollars yield the maximum return.

Here are some commercial building and remodeling moves to prioritize when you're attempting to give your business a new look.

Stuff You Can't See

The aesthetic draw of a commercial remodeling project can make some business owners prioritize splashy changes over more important parts of the job that can make an even bigger difference.

  • HVAC: A commercial prosperity's heating, cooling, and duct work aren't always easy to see, but they can substantially add to the space's resale value, comfort, and overhead costs. When considering updating a space's HVAC it's important to look at the terms of your lease. In many cases, the building's landlord may absorb some of the costs associated with updating these critical components. Additionally, many municipalities incentivize making HVAC updates by offering tax credits and/or rebates for making energy efficiency improvements.
  • Plumbing: Similar to HVAC improvements, plumbing on older commercial building can be woefully inadequate for modern appliances and HVAC systems. For instance, insulating hot water pipes in your commercial building with the latest insulation materials can drastically improve the functionality of your equipment.
  • Roofing: According to a recent study, coating your roof with reflective roofing material can decrease the temperature in your building by nearly seven degrees. Even if your customers and employees can't see your roof, they will feel the drop in temperature during the summer, as will you when your energy bills decrease.

Creating an Identity

In today's increasingly digitized markets, your commercial space should be an extension of your brand's identity. Cultivating this aesthetic extension can be daunting.

  • Go Local: Where your business physically exists should be part of your brand. For instance, if your business is located in an arid environment, your commercial remodeling contractor should tailor your business to mirror its surroundings. For instance, sparse desert colors and plants can make your brand mirror its physical environment. Striving to achieve this mutual complimenting can help your space appeal to your clientele and make your business feel part of the community you're trying to reach.
  • Art: Sourcing local art and artists is another unique way to help your commercial remodeling project connect with your customers. Having a local artist or artists work with a commercial remodeling contractor such as S  &  S Builders LLC can help give you design flare.