No Gas Line? Why You Should Have One Installed

It is very unusual for a house to not have a gas line, especially if you live within the city limits. That is because gas lines are older than electrical lines, and older homes all had gas before they had electricity. If you still do not have a gas line, you should seriously consider gas line installation. The process is pricey, and it takes a day or two to complete. However, it eventually pays for itself. Here are some reasons why you should have a gas line installed.

Gas Heats Water Faster and More Efficiently

Natural gas burns quickly, heats up metal and water much faster than electricity, and does a more efficient job at it. Instead of waiting a long time for electricity to heat up your water for showers and appliances, you can get the hot water you need in just a few seconds. The gas water heaters also keep plenty of hot water on tap, rather than letting the water cool.

Gas Range Ovens Are More Efficient 

When you have an electric stove plugged in, it constantly has electric current flowing through the cord and into the appliance. That electricity is wasted because you are not using the stove/range all of the time. When you have a gas stove/range, the heat you need to cook with is only used when you turn a nob on to activate the gas and ignite it. You never use more or less than exactly what you need.

If You Ever Want to Switch from Electric Appliances to Gas, You Can

Perhaps the best reason of all for finally installing a gas line is the fact that you can switch out one or more of your electric appliances for a gas appliance any time you want. If all of your appliances, including your furnace, are electric, and the electric bill is astronomical, you can begin switching out your electrical appliances for gas. Then watch your electrical bill plummet.

Your plumbing and HVAC contractors are likely to recommend switching out your furnace first since this is the biggest and most important appliance you can have in your home. Gas heat is so much cheaper than electric heat because gas heat produces much hotter air to circulate through your home. You will never have to crank your thermostat to eighty-degree temps again because your electric furnace is not doing a good enough job. Instead, your thermostat can be kept at around sixty-nine to seventy-two degrees and your home with its new gas furnace will be nice and toasty.

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