Buying A Garage Door That's Used? Four Things To Do

Looking to have a garage door installed, but don't have the money for a brand new one? You can save money by getting a used one installed instead. Here are some tips for things you should do with your used garage door to improve your home.

Get an Inspection

A used garage door will not do you any good if the door is approaching the end of its life. Consider having your garage door inspected by a local technician before you purchase it. They'll be able to make you aware of potential problems before you own the door and let you know if it is worth the money to purchase it.

Make the Repairs

Once you take ownership of the door, your technician can make the necessary repairs to get it working once again. These are the technical things that are wrong with the door rather than cosmetic issues. For example, you may need to get new hinges that connect the garage door panels or a new belt to lift the garage door. You may be surprised at what great condition the door is in after all the necessary repairs are made.

Clean Up the Door

It will be easiest to clean up the door and make cosmetic changes before it is installed. Take the time to really give the garage door an overhaul so that it looks brand new.

For wood doors, you'll want to lightly sand down the surface using sandpaper. Metal doors can be smoothed out with steel wool. This will help paint stick to the door better. For details you do not want painted, such as windows, tape them off to ensure that paint does not get on them. Hardware should be removed at this point as well, so it is easier to work with the garage door. The garage door will need primer and as many as 3 paint coats for it to look good and withstand the weather.

You can also add moldings to create the appearance of panels, which can help the garage door look more sophisticated than plain sections. If the sections are solid, you can mimic the appearance of windows by filling in a panel with a paint that is glossy and dark.

Install the Door

With the door painted and ready to go, you can have your garage door contractor handle the installation for you. They'll ensure it is working properly and inspect all safety sensors before they finish.

For more tips and information, contact a local garage door installation company.