Two Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Roof In Top Condition

While there is certainly no part of your house that isn't important, the roof somewhat lands at the top of the priority list. If the roof is faulty, it opens up the way for rain and excessive sunlight to enter your house, possibly ruining your furniture and causing premature wear and tear. You want to avoid waiting until there is a serious roofing issue that threatens to damage your house and mess up the investment you've made with your hard earned dollars. The following is a list of a couple of things you can do on a regular basis to keep your roof in the best possible condition.

Make Time To Keep Those Gutters Clean

One of the single most important things you can do to make sure that your roof remains in top condition is make an effort to keep your rain gutters clean. The gutters are so much more than just fixtures on the side of your house:  They play a huge role in maintaining the integrity of your roof.

Just think of what happens to nearly any material that is either submerged in or covered over by water for an extended period of time. Although water seems to be a gentle, benign substance, it is actually incredibly powerful. It can gradually wear away at even the strongest material and cause it to lose some of the structural integrity that it once had.

This is what happens when your rain gutters are full. The water that would have ordinarily run off of your roof into the gutters is blocked by the leaves and debris that clogs up your rain gutters. The result is that there is a slow deterioration problem going on that you may not find out about until it's too late.

Get Rid Of Any Overhanging Limbs

Having trees on your property lends an idyllic feel to your house that is quite picturesque. The issue comes in when the tree branches start to hang over the roof. Not only do they pose the risk of falling onto the roof and causing damage, the limbs also serve as the perfect bridge for small animals such as squirrels and raccoons who want to leap onto your roof and mess up your shingles.

Roof maintenance doesn't have to be overly time-consuming. Set up a schedule and do your best to adhere to it. Your roof will be glad you did. Reach out to companies like Craven  Construction if you have questions.