Provide The Steel-Sided Building That You Own With A Professional And Attractive Appearance

If you own a steel-sided building that you currently run your accounting business from and are going to be hosting a special night in the near future, allowing citizens of the community to stop by to listen to a speech of how your business operates and the services that you and your staff members offer, take the time to provide the building's exterior with a professional and attractive appearance with the steps below. 


  • ladder
  • pressure washer
  • water hose
  • non-phosphate detergent
  • wide deck brush with extension handle
  • narrow brush (natural bristles)
  • flood lights
  • potted plants
  • vinyl banner
  • twine
  • drop lights

Clean The Building's Exterior

Secure a heavy-duty ladder next to the steel building's exterior. Use a water hose that does not have a nozzle attached to it to fill up a pressure washer's tank with water. Adjust the washer to a low setting before spraying the building's exterior. Begin applying water to the top of the building before working your way downward so that dirty residue rolls down the sides of the building.

After eliminating as much loose dirt as possible with this method, prepare a standard cleaning agent by adding a small amount of a non-phosphate detergent to the pressure washer's tank. Add water to the remainder of the tank. Spray the steel surface with the soapy solution and use a wide deck brush and narrow brush with natural bristles to remove stains from the building's exterior. Rinse the building off with water for several minutes once you have finished. 

Install Lights, Potted Plants, And Signage

If there is a sidewalk or path leading to the front of your accounting business, increase visibility by installing flood lights along each side of the walkway. Either add lights that are secured to stakes or ones that can be set on top of the ground. Place large potted plants next to the doorway to the building. Purchase a vinyl banner that is customized to include details about the date and time of the event and a brief description of what the event will entail. Use pieces of twine to hang the banner from the front of the steel building.

Add a drop light over the banner so that people passing by the steel building when it is dark outside will be able to see what the sign says. Add a drop light or flood light next to the potted plants so that they can be viewed when it is dark outside.