How To Prevent FOG-Gy Pipes

FOG: fat, oil, grease. Pouring these thing down a sink drain or into a toilet wreak havoc on sewage systems. They also can cause clogs within a structure such as a home of office building. However, some people have gotten into a pattern of disposing of products such as bacon grease and frying oil down small drains. Here's a quick list to help start a safer pattern of FOG disposal.

Simmer Down

Let FOG cool before moving it. Most FOG comes from the frying process and is therefore very hot. Moving something with such a high temperature causes two problems.

First, moving a substance that is very hot can cause severe burns if it is accidentally spilled. Second, the substance will eventually cool down. When it cools, it hardens, and when it hardens, it causes clogs. This could happen in your sink or drain or even later on down the plumbing line. This can create backups in your own and your neighbors' systems if the problem gets bad enough.

Give any liquid FOG at least 30 minutes to cool off before attempting to move it.

Don't Clean--Absorb

As with cooling the FOG before it is disposed of so it won't harden later, be sure not to clean FOG with soap and water. In minute quantities (such as the residual grease from frying an egg), clogs are less of an issue. However, if you use soap and water to wash large amounts of grease down the drain, you are still setting up a clog for later when the grease is able to collect and solidify again.

To be safe, simply use a paper towel or other absorbent, disposable cloth to soak up the oil and then throw it in the trash.

Seal the Deal

The next step in proper FOG disposal is to make sure that the substance is placed in an appropriate container. This could be a metal can or even a plastic container. Just make sure that it is a container that doesn't has any holes and can be properly sealed until it is disposed of so you won't have any spills. After the FOG is sealed, it can be placed into the regular trash for scheduled pickup.

Following these guidelines should leave your home free of plumbing issues related to FOG. If you forget, or if you haven't been following these guidelines in the past, you may want to get your plumbing assessed for impending issues. Contact a company like Forrest Sewer Pump Service to learn more.