3 Ways To Protect Your Sump Pump During The Winter Time

If you want to avoid your sump pump failing and freezing when you need it most, here are three ways that you can protect your sump pump this winter.

#1 Extend The Discharge Line

The first thing that you need to do is extend the discharge line from the end of the hose to where the water from the sump pump comes out. When you extend the discharge line, make sure that you use a freeze-resistant hose that is rigid on the outside and smooth. This will prevent the new extended discharge line from freezing up during the winter time.

You are going to want to lay the discharge line down so that the waste water that is now pumped from the sump pump comes out further away from your house. Try to aim the discharge line so that it goes into the local drainage system. This will prevent the water from building up and harming your home. This will also put less pressure on your sump pump by ensuring water doesn't make its way back into your basement. 

#2 Insulate Your Sump Pump

Next, you need to insulate your discharge line. Take some insulation and wrap it around your sump pump; make sure that you don't cover up any air intake valves or motor outlets. 

Then, take insulation and wrap it around the discharge line and the intake section. To keep the insulation in place, use a zip tie to secure the insulation. You can then wrap electrical tape around the insulation. This will ensure that the insulation stays in place and provide another layer of protection to your insulation set-up. 

This is a great way to ensure that none of your sump pump pipes or components freeze up. 

#3 Cover Up The Discharge Pipe

Finally, to really ensure that the discharge pipe doesn't freeze up and thus prevent the sump pump from getting the water out of your basement, you are going to want to cover up the discharge pipe. You can bury the line in the ground to keep it warm and ensure that it doesn't freeze.

If burying it is not an option, purchase a few bales of hay and spread the hay over the discharge pipes. Hay is a great way to insulate your discharge pipes and keep everything warm and the water flowing during the winter time. You can also put a tarp on top of the hay to further protect the pipe from freezing. 

You can protect your sump pump by extending the discharge line, insulating it and keeping it covered up. For more information on sump pumps, contact a company like Rite-Way Waterproofing.