How To Stop Your Tree From Growing Taller

When you plant a tree originally, you probably want it to grow as fast as possible. However, after it has grown for a couple of years, you may find that it is growing too much. There might be power lines that are in the way. Luckily, there are ways to correct this problem.

Trees Control Their Own Growth

Trees have the ability to slow their own growth. When a tree has reached a certain height, the circulatory system slows down the flow of nutrients up the tree. This slows the growth of the tree vertically. However, the diameter of the tree will continue to expand throughout the tree's lifespan. However, you can control the vertical growth of the tree yourself as well by cutting away the strong branches. There are also other ways to slow down the growth of your tree.

Starve The Tree

To simply slow down growth, grow other plants near the tree. This will slow down the number of nutrients that your tree takes and will slow down growth. It will also make your landscape look more beautiful.

Pruning For Less Growth

Cut the top of the tree back to within two inches of where other branches are growing from the trunk. When the branch is small in diameter, it needs to be cut with pruning shears. A larger diameter branch needs to be cut off with a handsaw. The rest of the limbs need to be pruned so that they are uniform with the rest of the tree. The best time for the tree to be pruned is when it is in its dormant season, which is when the tree stops growing. This will allow you to avoid harming the tree.

One option is to try to turn your tree into a shrub. Top the tree off while it is small. Trim branches back. Allow for more than one branch to grow from the cut ends. This will make the tree smaller and will cause it to look like a shrub.

Do not cut the side limbs back more than 1/3 of their length. Cut in front of the side shoot at a 45-degree angle. This will cause growth to occur along the side shoot. It will also discourage water sprouts to form. If you are unsure about whether you are using the right methods, it is recommended that you contact a tree service, such as Pete & Ron's Tree Service, Inc., that can help you control the height of your tree.