3 Tips For Replacing The Windows In Old Homes

There are plenty of benefits to purchasing an old home. Older homes are often located in mature and established neighborhoods. The craftsmanship and architecture is also unlike anything available in most new homes. There are also some drawbacks. Older homes may require more maintenance and renovation than newer homes. Replacing the windows is a common renovation project in old homes mainly because old windows are rarely energy efficient. However, it's important not to let efficiency goals lead to windows that do not fit with the style of the home. Here are three tips for replacing the windows in an old home. 

Wood Not Vinyl

Vinyl was not in existence when many older homes were built. Whenever vinyl replacement windows are installed, they stick out like a sore thumb. Wood replacement windows are a better choice. Wood windows fit in better with the style of most older homes. They can also be stained to match the surrounding wood. Homeowners who are using wood replacement windows instead of vinyl should prepare for the added cost. A vinyl replacement window costs between $450 and $600 with installation while a wood replacement window can cost between $800 and $1,000.

Custom Order May Be Needed

Another thing that homeowners should check for is whether or not they will need to custom order replacement windows. Older homes rarely have standard window sizes. Replacement windows may need to be custom made to fit the dimensions of the home's window openings. The cost of a custom window may be a little more expensive than a standard size window. However, it is less expensive than enlarging the window opening. Needing to make larger openings for the window can increase the cost of the project by up to 50%.

Replace Only Part Of The Window

One thing homeowners may not realize is that a full window replacement may not always be needed. If the window and the window frames are still in good shape, all that may be needed is some simple upgrades. One way to upgrade the windows is by replacing the window glass. This costs on average $157 to $344. This is much lower than the cost of a full window replacement and energy efficient glass can be used. Replacing the window frame is also something that homeowners should consider. 

Replacement windows is one thing that many homeowners install in their older homes. When undergoing this renovation it's important to keep materials in mind. Wood replacement windows often look more original than vinyl. Custom ordered windows may be necessary. For those who do not want to spend money on a full window replacement, parts of the window can be replaced for less than the cost of a full replacement.