Safety Features For Your Garage Door

When it comes to conveniently accessing your garage parking spaces, having a remote opener can be beneficial. Unfortunately, automatic garage doors can be deadly if they are not installed properly.

Here are three tips you can use when installing your next garage door to ensure that your door operates as safely as possible.

1. Mount your garage door opener control button where you will have a clear view of the door.

A safely installed garage door should begin with an opener control button that is mounted where you will have a clear view of the door while it is in operation.

Statistics show that there are 30,000 injuries involving garage doors each year. Some of these injuries occur when the opener control button is activated while someone is standing below the garage door. When your opener button is located in an area where you will have a clear view of your garage door, you will be less likely to accidentally injure someone in the future.

2. Invest in photoelectric eye safety beams for your garage door.

If you want to ensure that your garage door can safely be operated without causing injury, it can be beneficial to invest in the installation of photoelectric eye safety beams. These safety features work by creating a continuous beam about 6 inches above the floor under your garage door. If an object breaks the beam while the door is in operation, the sensors will break the circuit controlling the garage door, preventing it from closing.

Having photoelectric eye safety beams installed in your garage will help you prevent your garage door from causing serious injury.

3. Make sure that your garage door is balanced once it has been installed.

A balanced garage door can prevent malfunctions that lead to injury. To ensure that your newly installed door is balanced properly, be sure that the door is closed and then disconnect the automatic opener. You should be able to easily lift the garage door up manually, and lower it again with little effort.

If you notice that your garage door isn't properly balanced, contact a professional garage door repair company for help restoring balance.

Understanding the dangers that are associated with garage doors will help you ensure that your new door is as safe as possible. Install your opener control button within view of the garage door, have a photoelectric eye safety beam installed, and make sure your garage door is balanced to help prevent injury in the future.