Noises You Shouldn't Hear Your Furnace Make

A furnace is a noisy household appliance. It doesn't take long for a homeowner or renter to become accustomed to the unique sounds his or her furnace makes every time it kicks on or shuts off. In fact, the rumble your furnace makes give you peace of mind in knowing the furnace is working and your home will be toasty warm all day and night. A problem arises when you hear your furnace booming, screeching, or crashing. These are sounds your furnace is making to tell you something is wrong. Even if you cannot fix the furnace on your own, it is helpful to understand what these noises mean.

Your Furnace Starts Booming

A furnace making a booming noise when it starts up is extremely common. It, however, is a sign that your furnace needs maintenance. You need a professional in furnace repair from a company like Thompson Heating & Air Conditioning Inc to come out and check for gas build-up in the delay of the furnace's ignition. For obvious reasons, you do not want to ignore a potential gas build-up problem as it could become life threatening and dangerous to your home.

Your Furnace is Clicking

Your furnace is never supposed to make a clicking noise. Unfortunately, this sound can be an indication of a lot of different problems such as a faulty flame sensor, a problem with the gas, or a problem with an ignition. Only someone experienced in furnace repair and maintenance will be able to determine exactly what is causing the clicking.

Your Furnace is Chirping

Chirping is an extremely common noise to hear when a furnace is turned on after not being used for a while. Fortunately, it is possible there is nothing wrong with the furnace at all. You want to give the furnace a chance to run for a while after being off all summer to see if the chirping stops on its own. If the chirping does not go away, chances are good your furnace just needs some routine maintenance. It is possible the fan belts have become worn and need to be replaced.

In addition to booming, clicking, and chirping, you also do not want to hear your furnace rattle or squeal. Squealing means there could be something wrong with the belt or the fan motor; and rattling also means there could be something wrong with the fan motor. The best thing you can do for yourself and the heat of your home is to call a professional any time you hear your furnace making a noise you are not used to it making.