Four Reasons To Consider Portable Air Conditioners

The winter months are the perfect time to start shopping for your air conditioning services for next year. After all, it gives you the time to consider your options carefully before the weather warms up. If you've been thinking about adding air conditioning to your home, but it wasn't built to accommodate central air, you might want to think about portable air conditioning units. Here's a look at a few reasons to consider portable air conditioners.

They Are Easy to Install

Unlike central air systems that require the installation of a thermostat and complex air duct networks, portable air conditioners are easy to put in. You don't even need an HVAC technician or brackets to support it in a window. These stand-alone air conditioning appliances are convenient, because all you need is an outlet to vent the condensed air.

They Are Versatile

Portable air conditioners are easy to move, which allows you to move it around the house as needed. It can save you from having to buy four or five units to cool the whole house, because you can buy only one or two and move them with you as you move around. In fact, most portable air conditioning units even have caster wheels on the bottom, which makes moving them simple.

They Are Affordable

Unlike the high cost of central air conditioning, portable air conditioners are affordable. And, the best part is that they are only a one-time expense – there are no installation fees or costly HVAC technician labor costs that you'd have to pay with central air.

They Are Great for Small Spaces

If you live in a condominium, townhouse or apartment, sometimes installing large air conditioners is out of the question. Whether it's due to landlord limitations or the practicality of the space, sometimes it doesn't make sense. Portable air conditioners are great for spaces like these, because they don't overwhelm the space. Additionally, they're a great alternative to window air conditioners, which some landlords may discourage due to the vulnerability they can create. You'll get all of the cooling benefit without increasing the risk of burglary from an easily removed window unit.

As you can see, portable air conditioners have many benefits. If you are looking for something that can adapt to your changing needs, consider a portable air conditioner. With these benefits and more, they can give you all of the cooling you need without the hassle of complex installations or other concerns.