4 Maintenance Tips For The Trees On Your Property

When you have trees on your property, it is important that you know how to maintain them properly. This is because, without proper maintenance, trees are prone to falling and losing branches more easily. This can cause heavy damage to your property, as well as a property next to your own. In order to be sure that you keep your trees healthy to avoid this problem, you will want to consider these four maintenance tips:   

  1. Water as Needed: When you first plant a tree in your yard, you are going to want to water it weekly. This is going to help pack in the soil, which will allow the tree to begin to root into the ground with more stability. After three years, you won't have to water as frequently. In fact, the only time you will have to worry about watering your tree at this point is during times of excessive drought in your area.
  2. Mulch as Needed: During the first three years after planting a tree in your yard, you are going to want to provide 4 inches of mulch around the tree in order to help the roots of the tree maintain moisture. After three years, you will only have to worry about mulching once a year. Once a year, you should bring the mulch level back to 4 inches above the roots, but you won't have to worry about maintaining that same level throughout the year.
  3. Hire Professionals for Inspection: Inspecting a tree for any health issues takes a keen eye. This is why you must hire professionals for the job when you feel it is necessary. Some signs that can help you determine when your tree is probably in need of a professional inspection would be when you notice any dead branches, the growth of the tree is not nearly as stable as it was the year before, or when there are any strange colors in the bark or leaves that you haven't noticed before.
  4. Prune Every Three Years: Pruning your tree is essential since this is going to help it maintain healthy growth similar to people getting haircuts. Without trimming the hair, it becomes dead and not as healthy, which can also prevent it from growing. You can choose to prune the trees on your own or you can hire professionals (such as those from Smitty's Tree Service Inc) to do this, which will also allow you to have another set of eyes on your tree to help determine whether or not it is stable, healthy, and safe to continue to have on your property. 

By following these four maintenance tips, you can be sure that you end up with a tree that is healthy and won't cause you any issues later on in the future.