Plumbing for Water Conservation

In the spring of 2015, 37% of the United States was in a serious or moderate drought, forcing many areas to limit their water use. The entire country could benefit from some of the conservation measures currently being used in California and other states in the West and Southwest. If you are a homeowner, taking these precautions now will protect you if your state becomes drought-stricken in the future. 

Gray Water

One preventative measure would be requiring that new construction includes gray water tanks. Valves to these tanks would be installed on both kitchen and bathroom sinks that could be switched on when you are waiting for your water to get warm for showers or for doing dishes. Gray water, which is water that has not been in contact with feces, could be used to irrigate lawns and for other jobs that do not require pure water. This step alone could save you around 30% of the water you currently use. If you are in an area with water usage restrictions, a gray water system can add greatly to your comfort by allowing you to continue maintaining your lawn and washing your car. Gray water systems will also save you money.

Low Flow Appliances

You can also have a plumbing company install low-flow appliances. If you are making a serious effort to conserve water, you should look into these toilets, sinks, and shower heads that use less water than their older counterparts. Installing a low-flow toilet that uses 1.6 gallons per flush instead of an older model that may use up to four gallons per flush will cut down on an average family's water use  by over a thousand gallons a year. Those savings add up for a state as large as California, which has approximately 38.8 million people.

Plumbing Inspection

Annual plumbing inspections are a good idea for any home, but they are particularly helpful in a drought-stricken area, where a burst pipe can wipe out days of water conservation measures. Plumbers can conduct an inspection by inserting a fiber optic cable into your home's drains and look for cracked pipes or other possible problems. If you invest in such an inspection, you will be able to have your plumbing fixed before you needlessly lose money and precious water. 

Drought conditions require plumbing vigilance in order to aid water conservation efforts. Every little bit of water you can save helps your personal bottom line but also benefits the entire area. In order to survive a drought, all citizens must do their part.