2 Warning Signs That Your Business's Elevator Needs Immediate Servicing

If your business has an elevator, you may keep it regularly maintained to ensure the safety and convenience of your customers and employees. However, sometimes things can go wrong that require attention before the next scheduled service date. Below are two warning signs that your elevator may need immediate, professional attention.

1. Unusual Odor While The Elevator Is In Motion

You or someone else may have detected an unusual odor while the elevator is in motion. The cause of the smell depends on its characteristics.

If the odor has an acrid, stale quality, this could indicate a leak in the hydraulic fluid. This fluid is important to the proper functioning of the elevator because it powers the pumps that glide the elevator up and down. If too much fluid leaks out, the elevator will not work right, causing a decrease in speed or jerky movements.

However, if you detect a burnt, metallic odor, this could be caused by frayed electrical wiring or the motor burning out. Whenever you smell this type of odor, you should shut down the elevator and call an elevator service as soon as possible. Electrical problems could present a fire hazard, especially if any exposed wires come into contact with anything flammable.

2. Clanking Or Screeching Noises Whenever The Elevator Stops

Another sign that your business' elevator may need immediate servicing is the presence of loud clanking or screeching noises whenever the elevator comes to a stop. These noises could be caused by one of two things.

One cause of unusual sounds could indicate a problem with the braking system. The brake fluid could be low, causing the pads to grind together. If left as they are, they could fail to stop the elevator completely. This could result in the car stopping between floors, trapping the riders inside.

Another cause of clanking or screeching noises could be malfunctioning holding clamps. These clamps keep the elevator in place once the brakes bring it to a stop. If they start to become loose, the car could shift while it is stationary. This could also lead to the elevator car dropping unexpectedly between floors.

If you notice any of the above warning signs or feel something is not right with your elevator, you may want to call an elevator service company like All City Elevator, Inc. They can then send someone out to inspect it for any problems, offering possible solutions based on their findings.