Improve Your Home's Appearance By Removing Rust From The Vinyl Siding

Rust on vinyl siding can diminish your home's appearance, making it look old and rundown. Remove rust spots on by completing a few steps. When finished, wash the exterior of your home. You will be pleased to see how much nicer and well-kept the entire structure appears:

Use These Items

  • water hose
  • nylon scrub brush
  • vinegar
  • soapy water
  • bleach
  • bucket
  • rust remover
  • sandpaper
  • hand sander
  • primer
  • exterior paint
  • plastic sheeting
  • pressure washer
  • ladder
  • cloth

Spray Off The Exterior And Prepare The Materials

Spray the exterior of your home with a water hose. A wet surface will make it easier for you to remove the rust. Cover any plants or flowers that are close to your home with plastic sheeting. The sheeting will protect them from bleach and rust remover. Fill a bucket with warm, soapy water.

Add a small amount of vinegar and bleach to it. Dip a nylon scrub brush into the bucket and apply the mixture to the rust spots, scrubbing them until they are gone. If some parts are badly rusted, apply rust remover to them and scrub them with the same brush. 

Touch Up Areas That Are Missing Paint

If your vinyl siding is painted and some spots are chipped or peeling off, add vinyl safe paint to them. Sand the damaged areas until the paint is no longer flaking off and the surface is smooth. Wipe away any debris with a clean cloth. Spray on a light coating of primer from several inches away. Once the primer dries, add a couple coats of paint until it matches the original color. 

Clean The Exterior

Clean the exterior of your home by spraying it off with a hose and removing dirt with soap and a scrub brush. If you have access to a pressure washer, it can be used as long as you have it adjusted to a low setting. This will prevent damage to the siding. Pour soap and water into the reservoir. Apply it in straight, overlapping lines. Use a ladder to clean areas that are out of reach.

Once all of the dirt has been removed, rinse your home off with plain water. Your home will look attractive once you are finished. Remove the plastic sheeting that is covering the plants and flowers and dispose of it. Continue to keep the siding clean throughout the year to prevent new rust from forming and to keep your home looking nice. 

If you come across any problems, you want to call a professional for vinyl siding repair.