What Does A Torsion Spring Do, And What Causes It To Break?

One of the most important aspects of your home's garage door is the torsion spring. It produces the twisting force known as torque, which transmits through a shaft to the cable drums on both sides of your garage door. It is what makes it easy for anybody to lift a garage door with ease. By understanding what the torsion spring does and how they break, you can better understand how your garage door operates.

What Does A Torsion Spring Do?

The torsion spring in your garage door is important because of how it helps the garage door move down and up very smoothly. If you did not have a torsion spring, your garage door would open too slow and too fast. The torsion spring must be kept in proper shape or else it runs the risk of breaking.

The torsion spring in your garage door can be dangerous if it breaks, since it uses a lot of pressure to operate. If the spring were to break, it can potentially hit yourself or your car at high speeds, causing injury or damage. Garage doors that use two torsion springs may still be operable if one spring breaks, but it will put a greater risk of the second spring breaking if it is not fixed immediately.

Why Does A Torsion Spring Break?

A common cause of a torsion spring breaking is if the spring because rusty or old. Rust can cause the metal to become weak, especially when rust accumulates over a long period of time. Also, the torsion spring itself may not operate as efficiently if it has rust on it.

If you use your garage door several times a day, you are using the torsion spring every time to open and close the door. This can cause wear and tear from excessive use. Applying a lubricant to the torsion spring will release tension that is in the spring's coils and help prolong its life, as well as reduce rust accumulation on the spring.

When your torsion spring malfunctions, it is not a repair that you want to do yourself. A torsion spring requires a lot of tension to function properly, and it can be dangerous to add the tension yourself. When the spring breaks, contact a local garage door repair specialist that can come to your home and do the work for you. If you wait too long to repair the spring, it may lead to needing to completely replace the garage door.