The Benefits Of Baseboard Heating

If you own a home but do not want to install a whole house heating system, you might want to consider the benefits of using baseboard heating. Baseboard heating units allow you to heat each room inside your home separately, offering you a number of advantages over other approaches.

Minimal Space Requirements

Baseboard heating units take up very little space in your home, largely because they don't require a system of duct works. This is the additional benefit of making installation and cost much lower, since the installation of ductwork can be very labor-intensive. In fact, many baseboard heating units don't even have to be mounted, which makes it even easier to install. Baseboard heating is also ideal for heating bedrooms, bathrooms and similar locations, since they can heat the specific room instead of the entire home. The result for you is a lower energy bill.

Totally Silent Operation

Another significant benefit offered by baseboard heating is that the majority of these systems make no noise at all when they are in operation. These systems are designed to heat the air inside the room by using convection. In this process, the cold air slides down to the bottom of the room is heated by the baseboard heating along the wall and then rises up into the room. All this happens without making a sound.

Extremely Low Maintenance

Another great thing about baseboard heating systems is that you have to do very little to maintain them. There are no moving parts inside the unit, so all you have to do is keep them clean of dirt, dust, pet hairs and other debris. You will rarely need to call someone to repair a baseboard heater.

Safe and Reliable

Despite some perceptions to the contrary, baseboard heating units are very safe when installed and used correctly. Modern electric baseboard heating units all come with automatic shut off features that turn the unit off if it starts overheating. Once the temperature of the unit drops to normal, the feature will reactivate the heater.

Use of Zone Control

One final benefit of using baseboard heaters is that they are ideal for zone control. This is a heating method in which the homeowner is able to use individual thermostats to fine tune the temperature in any single area or room, instead of heating the entire household. These thermostats can either be a part of the unit itself or wall-mounted. Using this approach can allow you to significantly cut your monthly heating bill. Contact a company like Bowman's Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. for more information.