The 3 Safest Ways To Unclog A Kitchen Sink

If you have a stubborn clog in your kitchen sink, you want to avoid using harsh chemical drain cleaners to try to clear the clog. This is because those chemicals work to eat away at the clog which means they can also eat away at your pipes and their connectors. This in turn can eventually cause water leaks and other plumbing damage. Trying to stab at the clog with a long screwdriver or using a sewer snake if you've never used one before can also mean damaging your pipes.

There are some safe ways to unclog a kitchen sink and you can try these before you call a plumber. Consider the following.

1. Detaching the pipes under the sink

If you look under your kitchen sink you'll see what looks like one long pipe that curves at the bottom. This is actually three separate pipes and the curved part is connected by what are called flanges; these are large round pieces on either side of the curve.

The clog is probably in that curved section and you can remove it by loosening those flanges with a large wrench. Be sure you have a bowl or pan under the pipes as the food particles will come spilling out. Clear as much of the pipe as you can and then slide it back into place and tighten the flanges.

2. Adding baking soda and vinegar

When you combine baking soda and vinegar the mixture will create a thick dense foam. If you do this over a clogged kitchen sink the foam may clear away the food debris and force it to go through the pipes. To try this trick, sprinkle a good portion of baking soda into the pipe. Add a small amount of vinegar and then wait for the foam to appear.

You can then use a plunger over the drain to help loosen the clog. Run your garbage disposal and cold water and your pipes should clear.

3. Try a thick dishwashing liquid

A very thick dishwashing liquid may cause the clog to become slippery and then slide through your pipes. Invest in a thick type, not a thin and cheap brand that is very watery. Add a good squirt over the drain and let it set for several minutes so it can seep into the clog. Next, run water over the clog and use a plunger to help loosen it. This should let it then slide through the pipes.

If none of these tricks work, call a plumber (from Lenny's Plumbing or another company) rather than trying to clear the clog on your own. This will save you from causing extra damage to your pipes and ensure the clog is cleared properly.