How To Use Roof Brackets

Roof brackets are temporary additions to a roofing project that provide additional handholds for the people installing or repairing a roof. They can easily be installed and removed. The extra time that it takes to install and remove the brackets is well worth it because they have been proven to decrease the damage that a person might suffer should he or she slip and fall. The process for installing roof brackets is as follows:

1. Get Up to the Roof

Either purchase or rent an extendable ladder that will reach between three and four feet above the roof. The extra room on the ladder above the roof helps provide stability and makes it far less likely that the ladder will slip. Climb the ladder carefully, with the brackets and nails in a backpack. 

2. Nail the Roof Brackets to the Roof

Measure approximately 18 inches up from the bottom of the eaves of the roof. Place each bracket over a rafter or a truss in the roof, approximately 4 feet apart from each other. To secure each bracket to the roof, lift up a shingle and place the bracket beneath it. After the bracket has been placed beneath the shingle, pound in a 20d nail in each of the designated holes. In order to ensure that the bracket will not slip, check to see that each of the nails are going into a rafter or truss. The rafter and truss will provide a more stable grounding for the bracket.

3. Install the Plank

Take a 2 inches by 6 inches plank and connect it to the installed bracket using the designated screws. The plank should go about 6 inches beyond the last bracket, in order to provide slightly more stability. Install these planks every 8 feet, or where it is convenient for you to carry on with your roofing job. 

4. Remove the Plank and Brackets

Once the roofing job has been completed, unscrew the screws and get rid of the planks, placing them into a backpack or throwing them off the roof into a safe area where they can be collected later. After they have been removed, use the back end of the hammer to pry up the nails and take off the brackets. Put the brackets back in your backpack and carry it safely down the ladder.

You can ask a roofing company such as Durable Roofing Company whether it would be useful to install these brackets on your roof before a repair. Other safety options when roofing include a roofing harness and safety walls. For more information about these projects, contact your local hardware store.