Types Of Air Conditioners, Their Advantages, Common Problems And Maintenance

Air conditioners make it possible for us to stay indoors comfortably especially during hot seasons. They are especially handy when going to cool off at the beach is not an option and you have to stay in office all day long. Most people however forget about servicing their air conditioners and only remember they exists when they breaks down. Air conditioner service is crucial as it increases the life span of the AC and saves you money in the long run.

Types of air conditioners and their advantages

  1. Split AC: have internal (installed inside) and external (put outside) units.  The inside unit takes in warm air and releases cold air while the outdoor one receives the warm air and lets it out. This AC takes up little space and easily blends with any kind of decor. It's less noisy and can operate efficiently in windowless rooms.
  2. Window AC: it's very compact as all components are inbuilt and it's usually put on windowsills. It's cheaper, easy to install and maintain.
  3. Cassette AC: aptly named because of their shape, these ACs are installed on ceilings, something that makes them great when you need to economize on space. They also work with all styles and decor and are able to cool large rooms better than other ACs.
  4. Tower AC: also called floor-standing ACs, they also have an indoor and outdoor unit like split ACs and are excellent for cooling huge spaces.  
  5. Cube AC: These are smaller than the split ACs and can be installed near the ceiling or window. The diagonal propeller fan in the internal unit allows it to cool areas much faster. This air conditioner has been designed with efficiency and convenience in mind.


Maintenance for the ACs varies depending on their components, functionality and size. Some common AC issues that are preventable by regular servicing include:

  • Noisy air conditioner unit
  • Slow or no cooling at all.
  • System blowing warm air
  • Air conditioners that won't turn on
  • Unit won't turn off
  • Clogged and/or frozen ACs

Hiring a professional air conditioner service company like Equipment Service Professionals will ensure you AC serves you for long as they will inspect the regular culprits and fix problems before they spin out of control. Just like all machines, air conditioners wear out with time and they might need replacements. Frequent servicing allows you to plan for these replacements, as they can be expensive depending on the type of AC.