Building a New Home? 2 Tips to Custom Design Your Home

If you are planning to build a new home, choosing to custom design your home is a great choice. To help you design your home so that it fits you and your family's needs, follow the two tips below. 1. Consider the Number of Bedrooms The first thing you should do is to consider how many bedrooms you would like your home to have. If you have had the number of kids that you want or if you don't want to have any kids, you still need to consider other things. [Read More]

Being Forced To Move The Truck You Use For Your Landscaping Business? Here Are 3 Reasons To Park It At A Contractor Storage Yard

Have you been parking the truck and trailer you use for your landscaping business in your driveway, but now have the city or the homeowner's association forcing you to move it? Removing commercial vehicles from residential areas is becoming increasingly common. In many cases, these regulations are designed to prevent semitrucks from parking in common areas—landscaping contractors simply get caught up in the fine print. Regardless of the reason why you're being forced to move your landscaping equipment, your best option is to store it in a contractor storage yard. [Read More]

Six Factors That Are Going To Affect The Costs Of A Dredging Project

It's important to get a careful estimate of the costs of a construction site dredging project in advance in order to stay within your budget. There are numerous factors that affect the cost of a project that you'll want to factor into the equation. The following are six factors that are going to affect the costs of a dredging project: The costs of equipment transportation Dredging operations require the use of heavy equipment such as dredges and barges. [Read More]

Giving Your New Business A New Face: Commercial Remodeling

With the real estate market running hot, many businesses are looking to put a new face on older commercial properties. When you're looking to give a commercial building a facelift, it's critical to make sure that your remodeling dollars yield the maximum return. Here are some commercial building and remodeling moves to prioritize when you're attempting to give your business a new look. Stuff You Can't See The aesthetic draw of a commercial remodeling project can make some business owners prioritize splashy changes over more important parts of the job that can make an even bigger difference. [Read More]